1 adjective (only before noun)
1 happening or existing before, but not now: The coal industry is now barely half its former size. | civil war in the former Yugoslavia | former president/soldier/wife etc (=someone who was a president etc, but who is not now): a former principal of the school
2 your former self what you were like before you were changed by age, illness, trouble etc: She seems more like her former self. | be a shadow of your former self (=be much less confident, healthy, energetic etc than you used to be)
2 noun
1 the former formal the first of two people or things that you have just mentioned: Of the two possibilities, the former seems more likely.
—opposite latter 1
2 first/fourth/sixth former BrE used in some schools to show which class a student is in, according to how many years they have been in school

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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